Dr. Fernando Castrillón - Psychoanalyst: 510-295-4711
Research, Publications & Presentations

Most of my research revolves around the question of subjectivity, its formation, dynamics, limits and possibilities. I primarily work with the texts of Lacan, Freud, Deleuze & Guattari, Foucault, Melanie Klein, Manual de Landa, Pierre Legendre, Paul Virilio, David Abrams, the Frankfurt School, Michelangelo Antonioni and John Zerzan.
I am currently writing a book on psychoanalysis in California that develops several interrelated lines of inquiry on the themes of the law, the father, the institution, "nature", the "body", anxiety, jouissance, technology/technica, design & architecture, acoustic genealogies, and revolution, as a means of deepening and complexifying the question of subjectivity.

Some Recent Publications:

  • Castrillón, Fernando & Vakoch, Douglas eds. Spring 2010. ReVision, 31(3 &4). Special Double issue entitled "Ecopsychology". I co-edited this double-issue that includes an article of mine: "Digitizing the Psyche: Human/Nature in the Age of Intelligent Machines". For more, visit http://www.revisionpublishing.org/
  • Castrillón, Fernando (2008). "Digital Teleologies, Imperial Threshold Machinic Assemblages and the Colonization of the Cosmos: A Post-Structuralist Interpretation of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey" in Proceedings of the Epic of Evolution Conference, 2008. Collins Foundation Press. For more, visit http://www.collinsfoundationpress.com/EE%20Home.htm

Recent Presentations:
  • December 2016: Psychoanalysis and Activism Forum. Together with Lewis & Clark College Professor Tod Sloan, and CIIS graduate Paul Kalkin, I participated in a panel discussion facilitated by Anthropology and Social Change Ph.D. Candidate Claudia Lodia. Together as analysts, educators and activists we orchestrated an open and creative discussion about the role of psychoanalysis in activism, the recent election of Donald Trump and proposed policies that could increase the visibility of class struggle and openly oppose hate-based propaganda and the exploitative nature of global capitalism. For more, visit: https://www.ciis.edu/ciis-news-and-events/news-room/psychoanalysis-and-activism-forum

  • August 2016: Panel Discussion-Stanley Kubrick, Futurist. I was a panelist in a discussion of the visionary film-making of Stanley Kubrick and his prescient observations about man and technology, at the Contemporary Jewish Museum of San Francisco. Watch the panel discussion here: https://vimeo.com/182610165

  • Check back soon for more....
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